Ghana and Arts

19 Jan

Ghana and Arts

The art and culture of Ghana is replete with the traditional folklores of the country which has long been a part of its intrinsic identity. Like the other countries of Africa, Ghana boasts of wide array of traditional forms of art and dance, each having a particular significance of their own.

A Brief Background of the Cultural History of Ghana—

With a glorious history of more than 300,000 years the country of Ghana has been inhabited by different ethnic groups at different times. This invasion has left behind some impressive marks in the evolution of the art and cultural scenario of the country. Evidences indicate that towards the middle of 13th Century, Akan Kingdoms rose to prominence in Ghana with their empires being extended even to the far off coastal lands. In 1471, the Portuguese traders arrived in this part of Africa in search of gold and ivory initially lured here by the trade in ivory and gold. They continued to rule for a considerable period of time and their intermingling with the local cultures led brought about a radical change in cultural spheres of Ghana. The Akan kingdom contributed a lot towards the up gradation of the social culture of the country through the construction of a series of historic monuments which are now an important part of its great heritage and serves the dual purpose of being a popular architectural landmark of the country.

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